Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Running Man vs running nose [eh??]

Salam and greetings to all..
First of all, I have finished my practical. 
So, what do I do at home for these past 2 days??
With a sore throat and a pack of tissues with me [why tissue?? because i've got a flu, not bird flu eh]
I've been watching Korean variety show
Running Man

Source: Here

This show makes me laugh until tears come out and it is worth watching with Jae Suk as the MC and the other running man team like Jong Kook, Kwang Soo, Suk Jin, Ha-ha, Joong Ki, Gary and Ji Hyo. Ah, the Monday's couple is so sweet..

Source: Here
Source: Here
For those who are interested in watching this variety show, you can browse through this link. Here.  Don't worry, it is provided with eng subs.
Enjoy watching!


G said...

Hai, saya memang penonton tegar rancangan ni. Buat hilang tension je. Yang link awak tu tak ori. ni link ori. just daftar lepas tu boleh streaming/download.


Fighting! ;p

Alisya said...

G: hai G..oo really?? saya tak tahu pulak link tu tak ori..anyway, terima kasih ye.. :)

CikTomyam said...


ceq ada lagi sebulan lg prektikel..huhuhu~~

Alisya said...

cik tomyam: sabaq no...sebulan sat ja tu...hehe