Thursday, August 19, 2010

1 tree

Salam, aku terjumpa satu iklan yang menarik masa baca paper petang tadi…

Kisah sebatang pokok :)

Photo: Rebecca Hallas

In the jungle, high above the tangle of creeping plants and forest, stood a giant. Reaching up the sky, its shade covered whole acres. There were no others bigger nor stronger than this one tree. But it was not happy.
Deep in the ground, the roots started to talk.

“We are the source of the tree’s great strength,” they said.

“We draw water and nutrients from the earth. Without us, how would the tree even stand?”

“I will hold it up,” a booming voice answered.

“I am the trunk, and I carry all the weight of the branches and leaves and fruits, Look at how big I am,” it rumbled.

In the treetop, the leaves shuddered. Then, in a chorus of whispers, they said, “ All you say is true, trunk. But how would you have become so big if we didn’t fan out everyday to collect the sun?

“Tell me…” cut in one of the branches. “Just how would you do that without us?” And for a long time, the tree stood silent in its anger.

Then, one day, a small bird alighted in its shade. “Such a grand and beautiful tree’” she sang.

“Oh, I do believe you are the most beautiful of all in the jungle.”

In a rush, all the parts of the tree told the bird their stories.

“So, which one of us is the most important?” asked the roottrunkleafbranch.

“Why…all of you,” she answered.

“You are beautiful because you are all one tree.”

Source: NST, Aug 16, 2020.

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