Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Terima kasih kawan-kawan!

Salam. Just drop by to say THANKS to my beloved friends: ::Nurfarahain bt. Md Sikin:: ::Illyasha Hazreny bt Zainudin:: As they were likely spent their precious time with me although in a just short period. May the ukhwah last forever ~ameen~


Anonymous said...

illyasha hareny is my schoolmate during orimary school.
i would like to thankfull to u if u can connect me with her.

tell her to add me in facebook.

nuraini binti roslan

Anonymous said...

sori,..typing error.

illyasha hazreny*

primary school*

ara said...

Insyaallah, but unfortunately she doesn't have one. But i'll send her email to you as u approve my friend request =)